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Philadelphia35Kansas City38

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Rank Team/League User Points
1Weekly Picks TallmanMDTallman197
2Horan Picks Pool '22/'23MoMikeDen196
3Weekly Picks TallmanBig Toe194
4Ensign Upper Halfsvratamess194
5Leonatti Pick emdleonatti192
6Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em Leaguerover92192
7Pick'em or Don't, who gives a Fack.Black Mamba191
8Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em LeagueBobbleheadBuddha190
9Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em Leaguechester47190
11simps and pimpsCooperlandkammer189
13Playerz Pick'EmJdmx189
14Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em Leaguespokthaking189
15Fam Football Pool 2022myteam189
16NFL San Miguel 2022JCV189
17Tate the Reigning ChampSmez11189
19DubTown PickemJHunter188
20BHE GT&S 22 PickemJgeorge2020188