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Rank Team/League User Points
1Matt & AliciaSmitty8188180
3King Cuts Classic 18-19PhillyEagles11179
4Fletch’s bitchesYallsuck179
5Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em LeagueMP2410179
6Just Win, Baby!Wogs178
8Salty sailorsJohn f177
9Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em Leaguepadric47177
104th Annual NFL Picks LeagueBigbill1177
11NFL Friends 2018rbaggio666177
12NFL 2018 Bavalero8629177
13Mike v ShawnPatsfanmike177
14Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em Leaguefrank Valdez177
15Mj'screwBig D--k177
16Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em LeagueMySharona176
17Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em Leaguerstaley176
20Pro Pick'em Public Pick'em Leaguejpgrimm42176